Dragon Descriptions

There it stood. Four legs and a body. It stared at Hiccup. Hiccup stared back at its fluorescent green eyes. It had a pink body. As pink as a pig but it had black spots as black as coal. Its mouth was as pink as a flamingo. It did have fangs. It also had two heads which meant twice as much trouble. It had metallic supple wings. They were as supple as a cushion. It was a dragon.


What do you think of this?
What parts are effective descriptions?
What could we do to improve it?

A Sound Walk in School

We have kicked our Sound topic off, by going on a sound walk around school, listening for different sounds and finding out if anywhere really was silent. We decided to keep quiet ourselves and use different ways of communicating with each other. Miss Singleton has had a very peaceful afternoon, as we managed to stay quiet for 1 hour! Well done everyone!