Spelling Task

Add the correct prefix to these words:
capable mature definite
complete edible moral
mobile movable precise
passable sincere credible
For each word
1. add the correct prefix
2. What do you notice when you added the prefix? (Are there any rules?)
3. How did you know which prefix to use? How can you check if you are correct?
4. What was the meaning of the root word?
5. What is the meaning of the word with the prefix added?

15 thoughts on “Spelling Task

  1. 1.Capable
    This has no rules
    It means you are amazing and maybe a super hero.

    This has no rules
    This means that you have not completed a task or a lesson

  2. Complete
    No rules
    We know which prefix to use because it sounds right
    It means you have done something. Complete
    It means you haven’t done something. Incomplete

  3. 1. Complete incomplete you don’t need rules complete means you have finished and incomplete means you have not finished we thought that incomplete was right in our heads

  4. Mature imature no rules mature means you are are old enough now you can do it for your self . Imature means you cant do it for your self and your mum cant trust you

  5. We think that capable is incapable,edible is inedible,credible is incredible, complete is incomplete, precise is imprecise and passable is inpassable

  6. Complete incomplete complete means you havecompleted a task in complete mean you haven’t completed the task. Moral immoral . Imprecise precise.passable inpasseble.

  7. 1.mature
    This has no rules
    This means that you are not acting grown up enough for your age

    This has no rules
    This means that you can not eat this this is inedible

  8. Edible.
    No rules.
    Edible means you can eat
    Inedible means you can’t eat it

    No rules
    Mobile means that you have Mobile phone.
    Inmobile means that you can’t you ‘s a Mobile phone.

    No rules
    Complete means that you’ve completed something
    Incomplete means you’ve haven’t completed something

  9. Mobile
    On mobile you have to add two Ms
    Because it sounds right
    Mobile means something can move
    Immobile means something can’t move

  10. Our word is credible
    We think it would be incredible with a prefix on
    We have looked it up in a dictionary and incredible is correct
    Credible means believable and trustworthy
    Incredible means hard to believe or imagine

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